Free Kids Story : Peter Learns a Lesson 1.0

Free Kids Story : Peter Learns a Lesson 1.0


Size:90.7 MB

Date Added:23 May, 2014

Author: Muhammad Salman

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Learn with peter jumping around to learn time management and monkey facts.
Peter learns a lesson is an exclusively designed game for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten. Don"t just stick to the old trend of drag racing, killer games or the maker games. Blast away the boredom with the ultimate 4 in 1 game with the monkeys jumping around. This is one of the best games offered to your kids to increase their memory, time management and creativity skills.
The jumping monkeys are shining like stars. Match them up in pairs to be anaction hero. It"s time for the monkeys to battle with thetime. But those who fall off the branches of trees become angry monkeys. Forget about the birds, ninjas and the talking friends. It"s time to show creativity in this coloring series for kids. It"s addictive and amazing to play as the game offers much more variety than some cooking games like Bistro cook or the pizza maker. Stop being in the crime city and take your place as a frontline commando in the jungle.
Peter is one of the naughty jumping monkeys who like to drag him onto the trees. The moto of the game is to upgrade the knowledge about the monkeys and their spices. The 4 in 1 app has much more than your kids would have thought of. The coloring book has amazing images ready to be filled with colors. The story lets you grasp a whole amount of information about the monkeys. The whole story mode has been already created with HD images unlike the other story games where you need to design a bakery.The free card matching game is one of the best sources to enhance your time management skills and increase your memory power.
- Story based on facts and figures about monkeys
- High quality images
- Best for parents and kids who love stories
- Improves reading and listening skills
- Includes knowledge and information about monkeys
- Various types/kinds of monkeys and their species
- Encyclopedia has amazing facts about monkeys
- Three different size brushes available for kids to use and color with
- A wide range of Dynamic colors to choose while coloring
- Eraser tool to help you remove messed up colors and the Clear All button that cleans up all by itself while you sit back.
- New and improve finger drawing method to enhance the game play instead of that old technique of tap and paint.
- A rack of 20 cards ready to flipped and matched up in pairs
- Tap the cards to flip and see the hidden image
- Tic-Toc timer to challenge the speed at which your kids are playing.
- Time at the end tells how fast you completed the rack.
- Original tic-toc timer sound.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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